The J W Gerth School Council meets regularly.  All dates/times will be shared via School-Day messaging.

Co-Chairs:   Michelle Kropp & Sunni Ronzio

Treasurer: TBD

Secretary: Rotating Secretary duties

Teacher Representative:  Keri Reay

Principal: Marc Laurente


JWG School Council Meeting Minutes – September 24, 2019, 6:00 pm, JWG Library

 Welcome & Introductions 

  • Michelle welcomed all, introductions were made

School Council Purpose

  • Michelle and Marc reviewed priorities for the current school year: home reading, technology (including classroom technology such as data projectors, cameras, cables etc as well as technology used by students), outdoor learning, and fun fair.

Principal’s Report

  • Marc provided an update on fundraising planned for 2019-2020 year: QSP (October), Lunchbox (ongoing), Direct deposit, and Chocolate bars (April)
  • Yearbook is not run as a fundraiser but is important to students. We are looking for a coordinator to start right away

Fun Fair

  • Michelle provided a brief review of the 2019 fun fair and update on plans for the 2020 fun fair. The committee has met once already and is looking for volunteers. The date is tentatively set for June 18, 2020.

Treasurer Update

  • Michelle reviewed the report and current balance


  • Co-Chairs: Sunni Ronzio and Michelle Kropp
  • Treasurer: TBD


  • Future actionable items:
  1. Concerns were raised regarding the state of the playground grass in the winter. It was explained that direction is received from the Board as to what parts of the school grounds are open to the children depending on the weather. Marc is making inquiries regarding the condition of the field.
  2. Concerns were also raised about Forest Creek Drive, and the safety risk posed to students walking on such a busy road now that the path to the Tilt Trail is closed. Robert M is willing to inquire about either reopening the path or putting in a sidewalk.
  3. Yearbook coordinator is needed asap
  4. Fun Fair committee volunteers are welcome