JWG School Council Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2021 – 6:00pm

Members in Attendance:

  • Tina Bishun-Argunen
  • Kirstan Howells
  • Charity Israel-Johnston
  • Holly Joseph
  • Michelle Kropp
  • Marc Laurente
  • Jiwan Panag
  • Lindsay Schalm


  1. Online Welcome
    • Marc welcomed the council members and Michelle gave a brief overview of past endeavors accomplished by the council (the fish on the fences, fun fair, Jump math books, Chromebooks, etc.)
  2. The agenda was approved
  3. The last meeting minutes were approved
  4. Principal’s Report – Marc 
    • Work continues to implement a three way stop at the intersection of Forest Creek and Apple Ridge Drive. Once accomplished, a crossing guard should also be present.
    • Sidewalks have been completed along Forest Creek as has a pathway leading from Apple Ridge Drive to Hollybrook Trail.
    • Spirit wear is for sale again this year through a partnership with the Sportslink.
  5. Update on fundraising planned for 2021-2022
    • Fundraising continues to be a challenge in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point the Fun Fair does not seem to be possible due to public health and safety regulations. Door-to-door sales of chocolate bars are also not an option.
    • Charity suggested a Dance-a-Thon be held during school hours during which each class would have a designated time slot to dance in the gym or outdoors. 
    • We will continue to brainstorm ideas.
  6. Treasurer Update 
    • The past treasurer was not in attendance (retirement). Item tabled for another meeting.
  7. Elections
    • Michelle Kropp has decided to step down as Chair.
    • Kirsten Howells was elected to be the new Chair.
    • Lindsay Schalm was elected to be the Secretary.
    • Jiwan Panag was elected to be the Treasurer.
  8. Closing
    • Kirsten planned to attend the WRAPC meeting and closed the JWG Council meeting at 6:35pm after subsequent meeting dates were set.
  9. JWG Council meeting dates:
    • Tuesday November 2nd at 6pm
    • Tuesday January 11th at 6pm
    • Tuesday February 8th at 6pm
    • Tuesday April 5th at 6pm
    • Tuesday June 7th at 6pm