Medication/Medical Plans of Care


Off Campus Trips





As per Board policy, we are only permitted to administer medication with a prescription label that includes the child’s name, dosage and time of dosage.  A parent/guardian must complete an Administration of Medication form, which you may request from the office.  If the illness/diagnosis is life-threatening, such as anaphylactic allergies, Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes or any other life-threatening condition, a Medical Plan of Care must be completed.  Please advise the office immediately.  These Medical Plans of Care will be reviewed annually.


If your family is moving during the school year, please advise the office well in advance. We would like to make your child’s transition to their new school as easy as possible.  If you are aware of a family moving into our area, please ask them to call JW Gerth at 519-896-4159.


We have many off campus learning opportunities during the school year.  Please use School-Day to give permission and pay online.  If you intend to pay cash, please send the exact change well in advance of the trip to your child’s teacher.  We will not accept verbal permission or ‘day-of’ payments in the office.  All permissions and payments should be done at least 3 days prior to the trip.  If you choose to not have your child participate, they will be placed in another available class or you have the option of keeping them at home.  Please make sure you call the attendance line if you choose to keep them at home.

If your child is unable to attend an off campus trip, we unfortunately are unable to refund the cost of the trip.  When planning these off campus opportunities, the staff calculate the cost of the bus, as well as any admission costs and divide it by the number of students in their class.  Thank you for your understanding.


We encourage your child to walk to school as our parking lot is not available for dropping off your child.  If you must drive your child, please park at least a 5 minute walk away.

Playground supervision does not begin until 8:55am, so please do not send your child to school prior to that time to ensure their safety.

Please be advised that overnight parking is not permitted in our parking lot and bus loading zone.  In winter, our snow removal company must have access to plow and salt these areas.

Please also comply with the requests of our parking lot attendants.  We do not permit student drop off in our parking lot unless you are dropping off a child to the YMCA daycare program and those parents should only be using the provided, marked parking spots.  Please do not park in the Handicapped parking spots unless you have a permit.

City of Kitchener Bylaw Officers will issue tickets for anyone parking in no stopping zones, bus loading zones or in a Handicapped parking spot without a permit.

Please be advised that Woodfield Court is a no stopping/no parking zone.


Students enjoy our playground each day if possible.  In early spring or during a long period of inclement weather, we are required to keep students off the grass to ensure its viability and to keep excessive mud from entering our building.

We also close the Creative area for safety reasons when conditions become slippery or the area below the creative is muddy.  We do not permit umbrellas on the playground or tarmac areas.  Please dress your child appropriately for minor weather (raincoat, boots, splash pants, etc)


Please call to make an appointment.  You must attend the school in the boundary based on your home address.  You are able to check this at, under Quick Links, School Finder.  You have to enter your address – Which School do I Attend?

If you are registering your child, please bring proof of birth (birth certificate, passport) and proof of your home address (utility bill, bank statement, etc).  A copy of the most current report card would also be helpful in determining class placement.