Pioneer Park Fire Station Edible Forest – this post was created by a group of students at JWG

The purpose of this project is raise awareness about food hedges and how they solve hunger.

The Pioneer Park Fire Hall Food Hedge is for people who can’t afford food everyday, for people who are starving and for the people who need food assistance. The reason why the fire hall is planting hedges is to raise awareness about people starving in ┬áthe region. Also there planting hedges now so next year when it’s warm enough to grow right away so they can harvest it as soon possible.

What is a fedge? A fedge Is a hedge that you any grow fruits on. They are also bushes and trees. Each one of these plants grow different types of fruits and vegetables. We are growing these fedges because the firehall near KPL library wants us to help stop poverty in kitchener. The fedges are going to be used to grow food and give them to the food bank. Think of the hungry homeless people or the people who have homes but no food. They are all sad and hungry so come help the firehall all the food that there growing will be given to the foodbank to help the hungry.

The way you can help all of this sadness is by going to Pioneer Park Fire Hall on Sunday September 23 from 2pm-5pm.